Komatsu WA1200-6 Wheel Loader Catalogue

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Free Download Komatsu WA1200-6 Wheel Loader (Mining Front Loader) Catalogue in PDF and Complete.

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Komatsu WA1200-6 Wheel Loader Catalogue Download Komatsu WA1200-6 Wheel Loader Catalogue Download


Walk-Around, Excellent Operator Environment, Automatic Transmission With, Engine Rpm Set System With Auto Decel, Variable Transmission Cut-off System, Low Vibration & Noise, Trainer Seat (Optional), High Productivity & Low Fuel Consumption, Low Fuel Consumption, The Largest Bucket in Its Class, Remote Boom Positioner, Selectable Traction Power, Harmony With Environment, Low Fuel Consumption, High Reliability & Durability, High-rigidity Frames, Low Maintenance Brake System, Hydraulic Hoses Use FL at Face O-ring Seals, Sealed DT Connectors For Electrical Connections, Easy Maintenance, Tire Saver, Long Oil Replacement Interval, Centralized FI Liter Layout, Auto-greasing System, Maintenance Accessibility, Safety Features, Rear Access Stairs, High Productivity and Low Fuel Consumption, High Performance Ssda16v160e-2 Engine, The Largest Bucket in Its Class, Low Emission Engine, Low Fuel Consumption, Boom, Bucket, Dump Clearance, Dump Reach, Hi-cab, Matching With Dump Trucks, High-lift Boom, High Productivity and Low Fuel Consumption, High Breakout Force, Traction Force, Breakout Force, Excellent Stability, Static Tipping Load, Remote Boom Positioner, Selectable Traction Power and Travel Speed, Maximum Traction Control, Maximum Speed Control, Dual-mode Active Working System, Priority to Drive, Normal Loading Mode, Always, Priority to Raise, Wheel Loader, PNC (pump Neutral Cut) Control System For Hydraulic Pump, Variable Displacement Steering Pump + CLSS, Modulated Clutch System, Control of Engine, High Reliability & Durability, Reliable Komatsu Designed and Manufactured Components, High-rigidity Frames and Loader Linkage, Engine Pre-lube System, High-rigidity Frame, Low Maintenance Brake System, Sealed DT Connectors, Flat Face-to-face O-ring Seals, Sweeper Wing (large Size Tire Guard), Caption Electrode Position Primer Paint, Powder Coating Final Paint, Optional Preparation of Teeth According to Usage, Hensley Teeth, Large-scale Teeth, Operator Environment, Easy Operation, Automatic Transmission With, ECMV (electronically Controlled Modulation Valve), Variable Transmission Cut-off System, Vehicle Speed Control, Comfortable Operator‘s Seat, Transmission Shifting Switch, AJSS (Advanced Joystick Steering System), Trainer Seat (optional), Engine Rpm Set System With Auto Decel, Comfortable Operation, Roomy, Quiet Cab With Power Windows, Pillar-less Large Cab With ROPS and FOPS Canopy, Low Vibration & Noise, Cab Air Conditioning, Overhead Panel, Easy Maintenance, Tire Saver, Fluid Drain From the Ground, Auto-greasing System, Exhaust Heat Shields, Long Oil Replacement Interval, Lubricated Pins For Loader Links, Centralized Filter Layout, EMMS (equipment Management Monitoring System), Safety Features, Emergency Brakes, Emergency Steering, Emergency Engine Stop Switch, Rear Access Stairs, Maintenance Accessibility, Specifications, Engine, Hydraulic System, Transmission, ROPS / FOPS & Cab, Axles and Final Drives, Service Refill Capacities, Brakes, Tires, Steering System, Bucket Selection Guide, Bucket Controls, Weight Changes, Environment, Standard Equipment, Optional Equipment…

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  • Format: PDF (Adobe Reader)
  • Content: Full Catalogue Free of Komatsu WA1200-6 Wheel Loader (Mining Front Loader) Specifications


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