Komatsu PC8000 Hydraulic Shovel and Excavator – Assembly Procedure Manual

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Free Download Komatsu PC8000 Hydraulic Shovel and Excavator – General Assembly Procedure Manual in PDF and Full.

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Komatsu PC8000 Shovel and Excavator Assembly Procedure Manual DownloadKomatsu PC8000 Shovel and Excavator Assembly Procedure Manual Download


General Assembly Procedure Hydraulic Mining Shovel PC8000, Transportation and Lifting, Electric Energy, Required Manpower, Assembly Site Requirements, For Electric Driven Machines Only, Space and Placing Requirements, Preparation for Assembly, Mounting of Crawler Segments to the Side Frames, Assembly of Undercarriage, Assembly of Cable Reel Unit, Mounting of Final Drives, Electric Drive Only, Mounting of Auxiliary Weight at the Undercarriage, Legend for Illustration, Mounting of Slew Ring Underneath the Superstructure Platform, Assembly of the Superstructure Platform Onto the Undercarriage, Rotary Distributor, Assembly of the Prime Drive Unit to the Superstructure Platform, Overview Drive Unit, Coolant Expansion Tank for Radiator, Coolant Radiator, Fuel Cooler, Hydraulic Motor for Radiator Fan Drive, Engine Air Cleaner Assembly, Coolant Filters, Turbocharger, AfterCooler, Engine Oil Level Gauge, Engine Oil Filler Tube, Crankcase Breather, Data Link Connectors for Shovel Interface Harness, Starter Motors, ECM for the Engine Monitoring System Cense, ECM for the QSK Fuel System (Quantum), Fuel Filters, Fuel Pump, Exhaust Muffler Assembly, Flexible Coupling, Oil Filled, Drive Shaft, Pump Distributor Gear PTO, Main Hydraulic Pumps, Piggyback Gear Type Pump, Suction Oil Reservoir, Preassembly Boom- and Stick Cylinders to the Boom, Mounting of Boom, Mounting of Counterweight, Mounting the Fuel Tank, Main Switch Cabinet for Electric Driven Unit, Mounting of Cab Support, Mounting of Cable Transfer to the Operators Cab, Mounting of the Cab Air Cleaner, Air Cleaner Housing Located on Cab Base, Filter Element, Cab Base Wall, Seal Ring, Cab Blower, Blower Housing, Air Hose to Base Roof, Air Hose to Cab Bottom, Mounting of Hydraulic Oil Tank, Mounting of Hydraulic Oil Coolers, Install the Hydraulic Access Ladder, Access Ladder, Installation of Muffler Assy, And Cover, Installation of Air Filters,, Installation of Lubrication Station and Auxiliary Crane, Connection of Cable Harnesses to the X – Boards, Electric Driven Machines Only, Installation of Hose Connections on Auxiliary Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Installation of Hp- Hoses in Between HP – Filters and Main Valve Blocks, Mounting of Stick, Installation of Hose Connections to the Boom, Boom Cylinders, Bucket Cylinders, Filling Up Hydraulic Tank, Filling Up Fuel Tank, Pre-checks for Initial Start-up, Engine Commissioning, Mounting of Stick Cylinders to the Stick, Mounting of the Pin Seals, Assembly of Bull clam Bucket to the Stick, Delivery in Two Parts, Move the Excavator to the Rear Wall, Pin, Cap for Mounting, Final Cap, Nut for Mounting the Final Cap, Nut for Mounting Whirl, Safety Bolt, Hole for the Cotter Pin, Cotter Pin, Installing of This Kind of Pins, Secure the Thread With the Mounting Cap, Install the Pin, Assembling and Testing the Fire Detection, Actuation and Suppression System, Principle Representation of the Pneumatic Actuation System, Assembling Procedure, Testing of the Electrical Function, Placing the System in the Service, Checks and Adjustments Prior to Commissioning, Metric Standard Thread…

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