Komatsu PC4000 Hydraulic Mining Shovel Technology – Systems and Components

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Free Download Komatsu PC4000 Hydraulic Mining Shovel Technology – Systems and Components Course in PDF and Full.

Komatsu PC4000 Hydraulic Shovel Technology Course Download



PC4000 Top Mining Technology, Contents, Operator‘s Cab, VHMS, Komatsu Engine, Electric Motor, Hydraulics, Undercarriage, Attachment Design, Safety and Service, Assembly at Job Site, Comfortable Mining Cab With Integrated FOPS-System, Large Windows for Good Around Visibility, Two Side Sliding Windows, Walkways on Both Sides, Pressurized to Keep Dust Out, Storage, Water Supply, Switchboard, Cab Layout, Top View, Diesel Drive, Bucket Clam Control, Foot Pedal Travel Control, Slew Brake, Operator Seat With Slew and Attachment Joy Sticks, Seat Heating Switch, Swing Out Fold Away Seat, Cup Holder, Cigarette Lighter, Option Dispatch Monitor (Modular Mining System), Remote Mirror Adjustment, Switch Panel, Sliding Window on Both Sides, VHMS Monitor (Vehicle Health Monitor System), Switch Panel – Diesel Drive, Emergency Shut-down, Audible Alarm, Cab Heating, Comfortable Operator‘s Seat, Technical Data, Seat Belt, Seat Heating, Fitting All Shapes and Sizes, Seat and Back Adjustments, Heat Rest, Working- and Spotlights With High Intensity Xenon Lights, Luminous Intensity of Working Lights, Contents, Operator‘s Cab, VHMS (Diesel Drive), Komatsu Engine, Electric Motor, Hydraulics, Undercarriage, Attachment Design, Safety and Service, Assembly at Job Site, Merits of VHMS, Touch Screen Monitor, Introduction, Higher Performance and Lower Operating Costs, Data Flow and Control of VHMS in Komatsu Mining Shovels, Graphic Flow Chart, Operator, Operator Menu, Initialization, Information, Machine Conditions, Screen Adjustment, Consumption, Operator Id, Maintenance Monitor, Current Messages, Operator Graphic Flow Chart, Operator Menu, Vehicle Health Monitoring System, Normal Working Condition, Graphic Flow Chart, Komatsu Sda16v160 Diesel Engine, SDA16v160 Electronic Feature “cense”, Monitoring of Main Engine Parameters Via Motor Data Box, Fault Diagnostics, Trending, Komatsu Mining Shovels Oil Management System Komatsu Sda16v160 Engine, Operator‘s Cab and Lighting, VHMS, Komatsu Engine, ABB Electric Motor, Example, Corrosion Proof Surface Treatment, Frame With Stator, Stator, Rotor, Copper, Aluminium, ABB Electric Motor, Cooling Method, Estimated Motor Current During Start-up and in Working Conditions, Characteristics, Hydraulic – Scheme PC 4000 Front Shovel, Scheme PC 3000 Backhoe, PC 4000 Pump Arrangement, PC 4000 Valve Block Arrangement, PC 4000 Hydraulic Filter, PC 4000 Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Heavy Duty Shovel Undercarriage Design With KMG Track System, Track Rollers and Shoes, Track Shoes With Long-life Economy, Calculation and Design, Castings, Quality Control, Hardening, Hardness Depth, Front Shovel Attachment, Front Shovel and Wear Packages, Backhoe Attachment, Backhoe and Wear Packages, Pin Sealing, Attachment, Bucket and Linkage, Tolerance Gap, Bronze Bushing, Grease Groove, High Strength Steel Bushing, Seal Placement Ring, FOPS According to ISO 3449, Diesel Drive, Electric Drive, Service Lights, Emergency Lights, Safety Precautions, Machinery House, Operators Cab, Floors and Walk Ways Anti-Slip, Grids, Hydraulic Ladder, Easy and Safe Access, Hydraulically Operated, Machine Access, Upper structure Walkway Allows Access to The, Machinery House, Valve Blocks, Cab Pedestal Room, Hydraulic Tank, Hydraulic Filters, Lubrication System, Wiggins Swing Down Service Arm, Service Arm Down, Service Arm Up, Lincoln Automatic Lubrication System, Lincoln Automatic Greasing System, Engine Service Inside Machinery House, Electric Box Inside Cab Mounting Base, Slew Unit on Upper structure, Refilling Capacities and Intervals, Main Service, Auto Lub System, Fuel Tank, Hydraulic Oil Tank, Capacity, Complete Hydraulic System, Cooling System Engine, Travel Gear, Engine Oil Filling Capacity, Final Drive, Pump-drive Gearbox, PC 4000 Assembly Requirements, Erection, Final Acceptance and Training Time Schedule, Komatsu Mining Shovel Features, Environmental Harmony, Large, Comfortable and Safe Mining Operator’s Cab, ECS or VHMS Monitoring System for Greater Machine Efficiency and Low Maintenance Time, Komatsu Engine, Electric Drive As Option, Komatsu Hydraulic System Hydro-pilot, Heavy-duty Shovel Undercarriage Design, Attachments, Service…

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