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Machine Numbers, Safety, Recognize Safety Information, Understand Signal Words, Follow Safety Instructions Prepare for Emergencies, Wear Protective Clothing, Protect Against Noise, Inspect Machine, General Precautions for Cab, Use Handrails and Steps, Never Ride Attachment, Adjust Operator’s Seat, Ensure Safety Before Rising From or Leaving Operator’s, Seat, Fasten your Seat Belt, Move and Operate Machine Safely, Handle Starting Aids Safely, Operate Only From Operator’s Seat, Jump Starting, Investigate Job Site Beforehand, Equipment of Head Guard, ROPS, FOPS, Provide Signals for Jobs Involving Multiple Machines, Keep Riders Off Machine, Drive Safely, Drive Machine Safely, Drive Safely with Bucket Loaded, Drive on Snow Safely, Travel on Public Roads Safely, Avoid Injury From Rollaway Accidents, Avoid Accidents From Backing Up and Turning, Avoid Positioning Bucket or Attachment Over Anyone, Avoid Tipping, Never Undercut a High Bank, Dig with Caution, Perform Truck Loading Safely, Avoid Power Lines, Precautions for Operation, Precautions for Lightning, Object Handling, Protect Against Flying Debris, Park Machine Safely, Store Attachments Safely, Transport Safely, Handle Fluids Safely−Avoid Fires, Practice Safe Maintenance, Warn Others of Service Work, Support Machine Properly, Stay Clear of Moving Parts, Support Maintenance Properly, Prevent Parts From Flying, Prevent Burns, Replace Rubber Hoses Periodically, Avoid High-Pressure Fluids, Prevent Fires, Evacuating in Case of Fire, Beware of Exhaust Fumes, Precautions for Welding and Grinding, Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines, Precautions for Handling Accumulator and Gas Damper, Avoid Applying Heat to Lines Containing Flammable Fluids, Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating, Beware of Asbestos and Silicon Dust and Other Contamination, Prevent Battery Explosions, Service Air Conditioning System Safely, Handle Chemical Products Safely, Dispose of Waste Properly, Notes for Exhaust Filter, Precautions for Communication Terminal, Precaution for Communication Terminal Equipment (Option), Articulation Stopper (Lock Bar), Joystick Steering System On/off (Option), Safety Labels, Components Name, Operator’s Station, Exhaust Filter, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF, Or Exhaust Filter), Description of DPF Functions, Automatic Regeneration, Repeated Inhibiting of Exhaust Filter Cleaning, Cab Features, Front Console, Joystick Steering (Option), Right Console, Fingertip Control Type, Multi-Function Joystick Type, Monitor Panel, Parking Brake Indicator (Red), Hydraulic Oil Level Indicator, Low Steering Oil Pressure Indicator, Transmission Warning Indicator, Communication Error Indicator, Discharge Warning Indicator, Engine Warning Indicator, Overheat Indicator, Engine Oil Low Pressure Indicator, Air Filter Restriction Indicator, Preheat Indicator, Coolant Temperature Gauge, Fuel Gauge, Turn Signal Indicator, High Beam Indicator, Clearance Light Indicator, Control Lever Lock Indicator, Multi-Function Monitor, Default Setting, Basic Screen, How to Use Screens, Displaying Basic Screen, Monitor Operation, Alarm Occurrence Screen, Remedy, Exhaust Filter Regeneration, Exhaust Filter Status Display, Automatic Regeneration, Manual Regeneration, Service Regeneration, Main Menu, Ride Control Drive Speed Setting, Dual Lift Arm Auto-Leveler, Height/Lower KickOut On/Off, Stop Height Setting, Brightness Adjustment, Mail, Setting Menu, Date and Time, Time Adjustment, Date Adjustment, Display Mode Setting, Auto Idling Stop, Auto Idling Stop, Acting Time Setting, Rear View Camera Monitor, Exhaust Filter Regeneration Inhibited, Setting Procedure, Transmission Setting, Shift Change Delay Mode Setting, Lockup Setting, Traction Control Setting, Warm Up Operation, Display Item Selection, Main Menu Display Order Change, Information Menu, Operation Condition, Fuel Consumption, Maintenance, Maintenance Notice, Time Remains and Maintenance Interval, Troubleshooting, Monitoring, Front Console Switches, Pedals, Steering Wheel and Joystick Steering, Hazard Switch, Work Light Switch, Parking Brake Switch, Neutral Lever Lock, Horn Switch, Key Switch, Steering Wheel, Joystick Steering, Joystick Steering Lever, Forward/Reverse Switch, Joystick Steering System Switch, Turn Signal Lever, Light Switch, High-Low Beam Switch, Accelerator Pedal, Brake Pedal, Service Brake, Declutch Brake, Shift Switch, Tilt, Telescopic Lever, Wiper Switch, Wiper Operation, Right Console, Fingertip Control Type, Right Console, Multi-Function Joystick Type, Operational Procedure, Loading Control Lever Lock Switch, Travel Mode Selector Switch, Fan Reverse Rotation Switch, Off, Manual Operation, Hydraulic Coupler Switch, Exhaust Filter Switch, Hold Switch, Right Console Slide Lever, Cigar Lighter, Using Cigar Lighter, Auto Air Conditioner, Components Name, Cab Heater Operation, Cooling Operation, Defroster Operation, Tips for Optimal Air Conditioner Usage, For Rapid Cooling, When Windows Become Fogged, Components Name, Rear Tray, Electric Power Output, Tray and Drink Holder, Front Interior Light, Upper Switch Panel, Outside Rear View Mirror, Door Lock Knob, Window Open, Battery Disconnect Switch, Articulation Stopper, Steps, Vandal-Resistant Devices, Break-In, Break-In Period for new Machine, Operating the Engine, Starting Engine, Using Booster Batteries, Stopping Engine, Driving the Machine, Starting to Move, Precautions for Traveling, Operating in Water or on Soft Ground, Precautions to be Taken If Machine Failure Occurs, Parking, Auto Brake, Operating the Machine, Control Lever Lock, Adjustment of Bucket Auto Leveler, Auto Idling Stop, Exhaust Filter Manual Regeneration, Precautions for Operation, Avoid Overloading, Avoid Operation with Loads on Only One Side, Grading, Precautions for After Operation, Transporting, Selecting a Trailer, Fastening Machine for Transporting, Precautions for Driving on Roads, Towing Method, Correct Maintenance and Inspection Procedures, Lubrication Guide, Rear Grille, Recommended Grease, Recommended Engine Oil, Recommended Coolant, Check Engine Oil Level, Replace Engine Oil Filter, Change Transmission Oil, Check Axle Oil Level, Hydraulic System, Inspection and Maintenance of Hydraulic, Check Hydraulic Oil Level, Clean Pilot Oil Filter, Replace Hydraulic Oil Return Filter, Check Pilot Circuit Accumulator Function, Gas Leakage, Looseness, And Damage, Check Ride Control Accumulator Function, Gas, Check Gas Pressure in Steering Accumulator, Check Fuel Level, Drain Water and Sediment From Fuel Tank, Draining Procedures, Replace Fuel Main Filter Element, Check Water Separator, Cooling System, Electrical System, Electrolyte Level Check, Brake System, Check Parking Brake Force, Check Gas Pressure in Accumulator, Check and Replace Tire, Air Conditioner, Check Air Conditioner, Check Air Conditioner Piping, Exhaust Filter, Miscellaneous, Mounting Bolts, Check Windshield Washer Fluid Level, Clean Engine Compartment and Hood, Check and Clean Starter and Alternator, Check Turbocharger, Check and Clean EGR Valve, Retighten Front Axle and Rear Axle Support Mounting Bolts, Maintenance Under Special Environmental Conditions, Storage, Storing the Machine, Troubleshooting, Engine, Engine Auxiliaries, Engine Does not Start, Control Lever, Hydraulic System, Drive Function, Specifications, Specifications, Intended Use…

  • Pages: 427
  • Size: 7.50 MB
  • Format: PDF (Adobe Reader)
  • Content: Manual for KCM 95Z7 Wheel Loader – KCM Corporation (Kawasaki Construction Machinery America) – Operation & Maintenance – Safety, Components, Operator’s Station, Cab, Operating, Transporting, Storage, Troubleshooting & Specifications – Information


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