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Hydraulic Range, CEJN Your Global Partner In Hydraulics, Series 165, Flat-face Design, One-hand Operated, Extra Security Locking, Technical Data, Nominal Flow Diameter, Rated Flow, Working Pressure Connected, Burst Pressure Connected, Material Coupling, Material Coupling, Material Nipplec, Material Seal, Couplings, Nipples, 265, 365, Push-pull Couplings, 565, 665, 765, 065, 266, 366, 566, 766, 262, 362, 562, 962, The Integrated Pressure Eliminator and Its Function (Series X-64), Residual Pressure, Pressure Relief, 264, 364, Nipples With Pressure Eliminator, 564, 664, 764, 525, Nipples Without Valve, 525, Couplings Without Valve, With Pressure Eliminator, Nipples Without Valve, Nipples With Pressure Eliminator, 525, 525, 525, Manual Locking Ring For Extra Security, High Durability, Optional Pressure Eliminator, Nominal Flow Diameter, Rated Flow, Working Pressure Connected, Working Pressure Disconnected, Burst Pressure Connected, Temperature Range, Material Coupling, Material Nipple, Material Seal, Connect Ability, 526, Stainless Steel (AISI 316), 526, 526, 526, Series 526, 325, CEJN Unique Profile, 415, 605, 705, X-Series Accessories, Seal Kits For Nipples, Dust Caps, Classic Range, Snap-check, Rubber Metal Seal, Copper Seal, Protective Rubber Cover, Case, Hose, Couplings and Nipples, Couplings Without Valve, Nipples With Valve, Pressure Gauges, Multicoupling (multi-x), Multi-x Range, Technical Data, Working Pressure, Burst Pressure, Temperature Range, Material Female Plate, Material Male Plate, Material Seal, ConnectAbility, Disconnection Under Pressure, Comment, Measurements, Female Plate, Male Plate, Multi-x Duo 10, Multi-x Duo 12.5, Multi-x Quattro 10, Multi-x Quattro 10/12.5, Multi-x Quattro 12.5, Multi-x Quattro 12.5/19, Multi-x Accessories, Multi-x Electric Connector Kits, Connections, Voltage, Current, Multi-x Aluminum Cover, Parking Dock, Multi-x Dust Caps, Multi-x Spare Parts, Multi-x Coupling and Nipple Kits, Nipple Kit, Coupling Kit, Seal Kits, Multi-x Spare Parts, Lever Assembly, Back Lid Kit, Center Bolt Kit, CEJN WEO Plug-in, Hydraulic Fitting Technology, Made Easy and Cost-effective, WEO Plug-in – Function, Connection, Locking Hook, Socket Assembly Stop, Outer Locking Flange, Disconnection, Assembly Stop, Release Ring Locking Hook, Outer Flange Release Ring, Technical Data, Material Specifications, Release Ring – POM, Locking Hooks – Hardened Steel, O-ring – NBR, Nipple Body – Hardened Steel, Backup Ring – Hytrel, O-Ring – NBR, Coupling Body – Steel, Tests, Temperature Range, Working Pressure, Safety to Factor, WEO Product Range, Nipples, Material Nipple, Temperature Range, Plug, Plug Male, Plug Male, Socket, Couplings, WEO Plug-in Cartridge, The Innovative Click-to-connect Technology For Hydraulic Connections, Easy to Use and Favorable, Get Flexibility, New Opportunities, Cut Your Space Requirements, Cartridge With Many Possibilities For You, Flexibility, Space Saving, Timesaving, Minimizing Work Injures, Cutting Service Times and Costs, WEO Cartridge, O-ring – NBR, Support Ring – Hytrel, Washer – Hardened Steel, O-ring – NBR, Locking Hooks – Hardened Steel, Front part – Steel Pre-applied Micro-encapsulated Thread Locker, Dustcap – LDPE, Drilling For WEO-cartridge, Available Sizes, Working Pressure,, Burst Pressure, Temperature Range, Advise For the Weo-crimping Nipples, Hose Connection Profil, Crimping Instructions Series 710, 712, 714 and 817/838, EN 853 1SN, DIN 20022 1SN, EN 853 2SN, DIN 20022 2SN, EN 856 4SP, EN 857 1SC, EN 857 2SC…

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  • Content: Catalogue CEJN Hydraulic Connectors, Couplings and Accessories for Heavy Equipment – Specs


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  • Crystal Wang

    We are hydraulic fitting, adapter supplier. We learn about you are also in the market of hydraulic fittings
    from your website.

    Our main products are as follows:
    1.Ferrule for SAE100R1/R2/ hose and 4SP, 4SH hose.
    2.Hydraulic fitting: American fitting, British fitting, banjo, staplelok fitting, matric adapter.
    3.Hydraulic adapter: American adapter, British adapter, metric adapter and other adapter.
    4.hydraulic hose.

    And we have the following qualifications:
    -Talented in-house engineers’ team;
    -And strict ISO9001:2008 quality control system;
    -lower price and higher quality, as we have our own factory.

    Higher quality and lower price. Any other non-standard items, sending us drawing, we may also produce.
    All of our products can make laser printing of the logo for the ferrules and fittings according to the customers’

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