Course Drill 39HR Bucyrus: Hydraulic System, Lubrication, Air & Mechanical

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Mechanical Training, Course Overview, Introduction to the 39HR Drill, Specifications, 39HR Side View, 39HR Deck Layout, Mechanical Systems, Overview of major mechanical components, Crawlers, Crawler Tension, Engine, CAT 3508B, Compressed Air System, Air End, Receiver Tank and Controls, Mast, Major Components, Hose Carrier Drum, Head Machinery, Pulldown and Rotary Machinery, Pulldown Machinery, Hoist, Pulldown Motors, Pulldown Motor, Pulldown Brake, Pulldown Brake, hoist brakes, caution, mechanical brake release procedure, hydraulic brake release procedure, danger, caution, Rotary Machinery, Rotary Motors, Rotary Gear Case, Rotary Motors, Rotary Gear Case, Winch, Lower tensioning beam, Pipe Handling Arm, Lower pipe handling arm, Upper pipe handling arm, Gate mechanisms, Pipe handling arm Cylinders, Pipe Handling Arm Sequence Valve, Pipe Handling Arm Alignment, Pipe Handling Arm Adjustment, Breakout and Tool Wrenches, Breakout Wrench, Cylinder A, Cylinder C, Breakout Wrench Manifold, Cylinder B, Breakout Wrench Manifold, Breakout Wrench Setup, Breakout Wrench Troubleshooting, Clamp starts to close before wrench contacts drill steel, If the wrench pushes the drill steel out of the tool wrench, The wrench does not grip or bite the steel, Cylinder A does not continue to extend after the Cylinder C is fully extended, If Cylinder B does not retract after Cylinder C if fully extended, If Cylinder C does not retract, Wrench body does not retract, Tool Wrench, Pipe Carousel, Carousel Rotation Cylinder, Proximity Switches, Index Plates, Pump Drive Transmission, Regeneration Valve, Hydraulic System, Component Location and Function, Pumps, Valve Banks, Motors, Hydraulic Pumps, Pulldown, LH Propel Pump, Pulldown, LH Propel Pump Setup, Maximum Pressure Adjustment, Pressure Adjustment Procedure, Charge Pressure Setup, Pump Centering Procedure, Rotary, RH Propel Pump, Open Loop Pump, Open Loop Pump Setup, Cooler Fan Drive Pump, Double Vane Pump, Displacement, Pressure Setting, Hydraulic Motors, Hoist/Pulldown Motor, Rotary Motor, Valve Bank 1, Valve Bank 2, Valve Bank 3, Valve Bank 4, Valve Bank 5, Pulldown Force Valve, Divert Valves, Cooler Fan Motors, Compressor Oil Cooler, Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Thermostatic Valve, Cooler Drive Manifold, Cooler Drive Manifold, Hydraulic Schematics, Maintenance Procedures, Lubrication and Fluids, Crawler Tension, Air Compressor, Mast Machinery, Mast Machinery, Pipe Arm and Carousel, Crawlers, Mast Winch, Air Compressor System, Hydraulic System, Cummins Engine, PDT (Pump Drive Transmission), Fuel Tanks, Water Injection Tanks, Lubrication, Fluid Levels, Coolant Level, Air Compressor, Compressor Shutdown Modes, Compressor Cooling Failure Fault, Compressor Overheat Fault…

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