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Free Download Catalogue for Komatsu D375A-6 Bulldozer – Benefits, Features, Dimensions & Specifications in Full PDF.

Komatsu D375A-6 Bulldozer Catalogue Download



D375A-6, Net Horsepower, Operating Weight, Crawler Dozer, Walk-Around, SAA6D170E-5 Turbocharged After cooled Diesel Engine, Preventative Maintenance, Centralized Service Station, Enclosed Hydraulic Piping, Modular Power Train Design, Automatic Transmission With Lockup Torque Converter, High Efficiency Blade, Simple Hull Frame, The Dual Tilt Dozer, Track Link Design, Komatsu-integrated Design, Hydraulically Driven Radiator Cooling Fan, Low-drive, Long-track, Eight Roller Undercarriage, Track Shoe Slip Control System, Hexagonal Designed Cab Includes, Spacious Interior, Comfortable Ride With Cab Damper Mounting, Excellent Visibility, Blade Capacity, Large T LCD Monitor, Electronic Controlled Modulation Valve (ECMV), Palm Command Control System (PCCS), Rear Attachments, Komtrax Plus, K-Bogie Undercarriage System, Extra-Low Machine Profile, Control Features, Human-machine Interface, Palm Command Electronic Controlled Travel Control Joystick, Left-hand Joystick, Fully Adjustable Air Suspension Seat and Travel Control Console, Palm Command PPC Controlled Blade Control Joystick, Blade and Ripper Control Joysticks, Fuel Control Dial, Position Adjustable Ripper Control Lever, Outline of Electronic Control System, Power Train Electronic Control System, Smooth Operation, Electronic Controlled Modulation Valve (ECMV) Transmission, Effect of ECMV Steering Clutches, Brake Control, Preset Travel Speed Selection Function, Automatic Gearshift Mode, Manual Gearshift Mode, Auto Downshift Function, Productivity Features, Engine, Hydraulically Driven Radiator Cooling Fan, Automatic Torque Converter Lockup System, K-Bogie Undercarriage System, High Efficiency Blade, Dual Tilt Dozer, Rippers, Automatic, Manual Gearshift and Shoe Slip Control, Automatic Gearshift Mode, Working Mode, Track Shoe Slip Control Mode, Gearshift Mode Selector Switch, Automatic Gearshift Mode Screen, Easy Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance, Centralized Service Station, Multi-monitor With Self-diagnostic Function, Maintenance Warning Screen, Abnormality Warning Screen, Gull-wing Engine Side Covers, Oil Pressure Checking Ports, Enlarged Engine Compartment, Komtrax Plus, Low Maintenance Costs, Track Link With Wedge Ring, Highly Reliable Electric Circuits, Flat Face O-ring Seals, Enclosed Hydraulic Piping, Modular Power Train Design, Maintenance-free Disc Brakes, Working Environment, Hexagonal Pressurized Cab, Fresh Air Intake From Rear of Engine Hood, Large Multi-lingual LCD Color Monitor, Comfortable Ride With Cab Damper Mounting and K-bogie Undercarriage, Cab Damper Mounting, Simple, Durable Hydraulic System, Rubber, Silicone Oil, Optional Specifications, High Mounted Headlights, Rear View Camera, Manual Engine Shutdown Switches, Uninterrupted Power Source, Access Lights, Work Light for the Engine Compartment, Provision for Platforms, Platforms With Handrails and Foot Barriers, Isolator Box, Canister-type Breathers, Maintenance Service Center, Concentrated Sampling Points, Centralized Grease Points for Blade Cylinder Yoke and Ripper Mount Pin, Specifications, Engine, Model, Type, Aspiration, Number of Cylinders, TorqFlow Transmission, Final Drives, Steering System, Undercarriage, Coolant and Lubricant Capacity, Final Drives, Dimensions, Semi-u Dozer With Giant Ripper, Operating Weight, Hydraulic System, Dozer Equipment, Standard Equipment for Base Machine, Accessory Sockets, Optional Equipment, Optional Mining Specification Package…

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