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Free Download Manual for Takeuchi TB108 Mini Excavator – Controls, Operation, Maintenance & Specifications in Full PDF.

Takeuchi TB108 Mini Excavator Manual Download



TB108, Operator’s Manual, General Precautions, Preparing Precautions, Starting Precautions, Operating Precautions, Stopping Precautions, Transporting Precautions, Maintenance Precautions, Safety Signs, Provide a Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit, Use a Signal Person and Flagman, Never Remove Safety Equipment, Avoid Fire and Explosion Hazards, Exhaust Fumes From the Engine can Kill, Be Careful not to Get Crushed or Cut, Handling Asbestos Dust, Using Optional Products, Never Modify the Machine, Know the Working Area, Always Keep the Machine Clean, Perform Inspection and Maintenance Daily, Maintain Three Point Contact When Mounting and Dismounting, Start the Engine From the Operator’s Seat, Starting With Jumper Cables, In Cold Weather, After Starting the Engine, Ensure Good Visibility, Do not Permit Riders on the Machine, Travel Safety, Fully Extend the Crawler Width When Operating, Cautions on Traveling on Slopes, Operate on Snow or Ice With Extra Care, Keep a Safe Distance From Electrical Power Lines, Watch Out for Hazardous Working Conditions, Operating on Slopes Is Dangerous, Watch Boom Clearance, Cautions on Towing, Park Safely, Lifting the Machine Safely, Transport the Machine Safely, Anti-explosive Lighting, Use the Correct Tools, Replace Important Safety Parts Periodically, Prepare the Work Area, Stay Clear of Moving Parts, Always Clean the Machine, Cautions on Opening the Engine Hood, Securely Block the Working Equipment, Use Caution When Fueling, Be Careful With Hot Cooling Systems, Disconnect the Battery, Avoid Battery Hazards, Disposing of Wastes, Names of Components, Upper structure, Canopy, Seat, Engine Hood, Fuel Tank, Hydraulic Tank, Undercarriage, Crawler Belt, Idler, Track Roller, Shoe Slide, Travel Motor, Working Equipment, Bucket, Bucket Cylinder, Arm, Arm Cylinder, Boom, Boom Cylinder, Boom Bracket, Swing Cylinder, Auxiliary Hydraulic Line, Dozer Blade, Blade Cylinder, Instruments, Starter Switch, Horn Switch, Travel Speed Lever, Selector Lever, Slew Lock Lever, Safety Lock Lever, Throttle Lever, Left Operating Lever, Right Operating Lever, Boom Swing Pedal, Travel Lever, Auxiliary Pedal, Fuel Filler Cap, Manual Case, Warning Lamps, Meters, Starter Switch, Horn Switch, Boom Light, Safety Lock Lever, Slew Lock Lever, Throttle Lever, Operation, Mounting and Dismounting, Walk-around Inspection, Daily Inspection, Before Starting the Engine, Starting the Engine, Warming Up the Engine, Stopping the Engine, Lever Pattern, Warming Up the Machine, Inspection After Warm-up, Changing the Crawler Width, Changing the Dozer Blade Width, Operating the Travel Levers, Slewing, Operating the Bucket, Operating the Dozer Blade, Operating the Auxiliary Hydraulics, Prohibited Operations, Cautions on Operating, Cautions on Traveling on Slopes, Getting Out of Mud, Operations Possible With This Machine, Parking, Preparing for Cold Weather, Cautions After Completing Operations, After Cold Weather Is Over, Prohibited Actions, Cautions, Transport, Cautions on Transporting, Maintenance, Maintenance Description, Disposing of Wastes, Check After Maintenance, Fuel and Lubricant Chart, Replace the Hydraulic Oil Regularly, Expendables, Tightening Torques, Fuel System, Hydraulic System, Working Equipment, Maintenance Items, Walk-around Inspection, Every 100 Hours, After First 250 Hours, Walk-around Inspection, Daily Inspection, Lubricating the Working Equipment, Replacing the Hydraulic Oil Return Filter, Replacing the Engine Oil and Oil Filter, Inspecting and Adjusting the Fan Belt, Inspecting and Adjusting the Crawler Tension, Draining the Fuel Tank, Cleaning the Fuel Filter, Replacing the Travel Motor Gear Oil, Cleaning the Radiator Fins, Inspecting and Adjusting the Fan Belt, Replacing the Fuel Filter, Replacing the Air Cleaner Element, Replacing the Travel Motor Gear Oil, Replacing the Hydraulic Oil and Cleaning the Suction Strainer, Replacing the Bucket, Inspecting the Rubber Crawlers, Replacing the Rubber Crawlers, Long-term Storage, Troubleshooting, Symptoms That are not Malfunctions, If the Engine Overheats, If the Battery Goes Dead, Disconnecting the Jumper Cables, If a Fuse Blows, If a Warning Lamp Is Illuminated, Other Symptoms, Towing, Specifications, Main Specifications, Machine Dimensions, Operating Range, Lifting Capacities, Equipped With Standard Arm, Lifting Capacities, Equipped With Long Arm, Lifting Capacities, Options, General Precautions, General Precautions, Canopy, Hydraulic Breaker, 3-Holes Bucket, Travel Alarm, Biodegradable Oil, Replacing the Hydraulic Oil With Biodegradable Oil, Seat Belt…

  • Pages: 170
  • Size: 2.88 MB
  • Format: PDF (Adobe Reader)
  • Content: Manual for Takeuchi TB108 Mini Excavator (Compact Excavator) – Components, Safety, Precautions, Controls, Operation, Transport, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Dimensions, Specifications & Options Manual


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