Parts Manual: Paus PFL18 Underground Loader LHD – Components & Description

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Free Download Parts Manual: Paus PFL18 Underground Loader LHD – Components, Description & Schematics in Full PDF.

Paus PFL18 Underground Loader LHD Parts Manual Download



Wiring Scheme, Drive, List of Filter Strainers, Front End of Vehicle, Motorcar, Drive Shaft Protection Assy, Schaltplane, Antrieb, Electric Scheme PFL18, Converter Connection, Steering and Working Hydraulics, Braking Hydraulics Axle Scavenging, Braking Hydraulics Axle Scavenging, Cylinder Fixing Type, Foot Pedal – Brake, Pressure Gauge, Filter Type, Filter Element, Sleeve Slider, Sleeve Slider, Filling Ventilator, Return Filter, Return Accumulator (hydraulic), Sleeve Slider, Check Valve Rs12l, Relief Valve Jet 70-180bar, Oil Pressure Switch Brake Pressure, Solenoid 24v Gz45-4, Hand-operated Emergency Control for Ng6, Foot Board Negative With Rubber, Valve Housing, Relief Valve Jet-cartridge, Return Accumulator, Distributor Block, Valve Housing, Current Divider Cartridge, Current Regulator Valve, High Pressure Hose, Tires, Front Axle Mounting, Rear Axle Mounting, Diesel Engine Pre-Assy, Tires, Ball Collar Nut SW 27, Hexagonal Nut, Oscillating Axle CPL, Holder for Distributor Block, Distributor Block, Pendulum Bearings Motorcar, Pivot Bearing – Oscillating Axle, Collar Bushing, Oscillating Axle, Oscillating Axle, Bushing, Bearing Bolt, Oscillating Axle, Oscillating Axle, Trussing, Spacer Washer, Hexagon Head Screw, Hexagonal Nut, Diesel Engine Bf4m 2012c, Tandem Pump, Converter Type, Oil Drain Plug With Chain, Head Section, Speed Changer Member, Oil Filter, Belt, Filter Element, Strainer, Filling Ventilator, Oil Filter, Main Element, Safety Cartridge, Front Frame Assy, Rocking Arm Welded Part, Loading Shovel, Tipping Cylinder With Piston-rod Protection, Support Front Frame, Piston-rod Protection, Coupling Pin, Controller for Steering Column, Shift Lever, Foot Pedal, Brake, Pressure Gauge, Cooler Cover, Cooling Water Plant, Cover in Driving Direction Left, Wedge Holder, Handgrip Assembly, Bolt for Trailer Coupling, Attaching Parts Hydraulic Tank, Motorcar Welded Part, Suction Hose Nw20, Equalizing Tank, Pre-filter, Safety Cartridge, Diesel Tank Welded Part, Insulating Tape, Baffle Plate – Waste Gas Heat, Fire Extinguishing Plant, Pressure Controller With Filter, Oil Gauge Glass, Return Filter, Locking Screw, Sleeve Slider, Tank Cap Gasket, Combined-cooler Air/water/oil, Air Charge Bend, Protection Cyklon, Water Tank, Bearing Bush, Bolt Locking Device, Bolt, Pump Gear Snap Ring, Pump Drive Gear, Breather, Name Plate, Name Plate Screw, Pressure Regulating Valve to HSG Gasket, Valve to Housing, Pressure Port Pipe Plugs, Roll Pin, Regulator Valve Spring (Outer), Pump Drive Front Bearing, Pump Drive Shaft, Oil Baffle Screw, Output Flange Nut, Output Flange Washer, Flange Washer, Output Bearing Retainer, Rear Bearing Retainer Ring, Converter Housing, Sealing Ring Expander Spring, Turbine Shaft Oil Sealing Ring, Gear Retainer Ring, Reaction Member Spacer, Turbine Retaining Ring, Bearing Retaining Washer, Turbine Retaining Ring, Not Used on This Model, Impeller to Cover Screw, Lock Washer, Pump Adaptor, Not Used on This Model, Flange 6c, Assembly-Speed Drive, Clip-closed, Tupe Sleeve, Crew-tube Clip, Lock Washer-Rear Cover to Case Screw, Bearing-input Shaft Front, Snap Ring-bearing, Screw-bearing Retaining Plate, Nut-flange, Screw-front Cover to Case Screw, Fitting-connector Male Pipe, Disc Clutch Outer 2nd, Ring-front Bearing Retaining, Spacer-Clutch Driven Gear Bearing, Plate-clutch Disc Backing, Retainer-spring, Ring-low Speed Gear BRG Locating, Bearing-low Speed Shaft Rear, Ring-rear Brg Retainer, Lockwasher-bearing Cap Stud, Piston Ring Sleeve, Forward Shaft Front Bearing, Nut-bearing Retaining, Lock Ball-Idler Shaft, Snap Ring, Spring Retainer, Bearing-3rd Shaft Rear, Gasket-3rd Shaft Bearing Cap, Stud-rear Bearing Cap, Gear-output Shaft 54t, Cap-output Shaft Rear Bearing, Coupling-drive, Shaft-disconnect, Flange-front, Housing-modulator-part of Valve Assembly, Spring-outer, Spring-inner, Cover-control Valve, Plug Stop, Cap-handgrip, Ring, Cam, Micro Switch, Gasket, Screw, Not Used on This Model, Ball FWD and Rev, Main Element, Safety Cartridge, Ball-and-socket Joint, Stripper, Guidance, Cylinder Tube, Piston Rod, Piston, Turcon Clyd Ring, Cone Grease Nipple, Stripper, Guide Ring, Guide Nut, Guidance, Turcon CLYD Ring, Cone Grease Nipple, Guidance, Planetary Gear, Locking Pin, Ring Gear Carrier, Hexagon Screw, Ring Gear, Hexagon Socket Screw, Differential Carrier, Lock Plate, Screw Plug, Thrust Washer, Tapered Roller Bearing, Drive Flange, Disk, Wiring Label, Thread Bushing, Wheel Hub, Bleeding Socket, Compression Spring, Intermediate Piece, Screw Plug, Axle Housing, Spacer Ring, Brake Carrier, Bearing Bushing, Differential and Carrier Assembly, Drive Flange, Disk, Circle, Cap Nut…

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  • Content: Manual for Paus PFL18 Underground Mining Loader LHD (Scooptram) – Parts, Components, Description, Diagrams & Schematics – Systems, Engine, Gear Box, Filters & Drive Axle – English


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