Manual: Maintenance of Kobelco SK210LC & SK250LC Hydraulic Excavators

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Download Full Manual of Maintenance of Kobelco SK210LC & SK250LC Hydraulic Excavators Free in English and PDF.

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Download Manual Maintenance Kobelco SK210LC & SK250LC ExcavatorsDownload Manual Maintenance Kobelco SK210LC & SK250LC Excavators


General Information, General Safety, Inspection & Maintenance Chart, Fluids & Filters, Required Fluids & Capacities, Required Filters, Kobelco Fluids And Lubricants, Lubricant Specifications, Pre-start (Every 8 Hrs.) Inspection & Maintenance, Engine Oil Level, Engine Coolant Level, Engine Fluid Leaks, Air Cleaner, Engine Electrical, Fuel Level, Hydraulic Oil Level, Hydraulic Functions, Hydraulic Oil Leaks, Machine Electrical, Steps And Handrails, Frame Structure, Tracks & Components, Track Tension, Boom & Arm, Cutting Edge, Bucket Teeth & Side Cutters, Attachment Lubrication, 50 Hour (weekly) & New Machine Break–In Inspection & Maintenance Procedures, Engine Oil And Filter Element, Water Pump Bearing Lubrication, Fuel Tank Drain, Water Separator, Air Intake System, Radiator, Oil Cooler & Debris Screen, Fuel Filters, Replacing Fuel Filter, Cleaning Priming Pump Strainer, Bleeding Air From Fuel System, Hydraulic Return Filter, Pilot Line Filter, Batteries, Fan And A/c Belt Wear & Tension, Slewing Ring And Swing Bearing Lubrication, Slewing Ring, Swing Bearing Lubrication, Checking Slewing Ring Attaching Bolts For Proper Torque, Oil Level In Swing And Travel Reduction Units, Inspecting Counterweight Attaching Bolts For Proper Torque, 120 Hour Inspection & Maintenance Procedures, Control Lever Joint Lubrication, Swing Motor Reduction Oil, Travel Motors Reduction Oil (for SK210 (LC) -vi), Travel Motors Reduction Oil (for SK250lc-vi & SK250NLC-VI), 250 Hour (3-month) Inspection & Maintenance Procedures, Fan And A/c Belt Wear And Tension, Fan Belts, Air Conditioning Compressor Belt, Climatizer-Ac Unit Filter Inspection, Fresh Air Filter, Recirculate Air Filter, Checking The Radiator Cap & Hoses, 500 Hour (6-month) Inspection & Maintenance Procedures, Change Oil In Travel Motor Reduction Units (SK210(LC)-VI, SK250(LC)-VI & SK250NLC-VI), SK250(LC)-vi And SK250nlc-vi, Change Oil In Swing Reduction Unit, Checking And Cleaning Fuel Tank And Strainer, Checking The Air Conditioner Refrigerant, Fuel System Injection Pressure And Nozzle Condition (Atomization), 1000 Hour (12-month) Inspection & Maintenance Procedures, Engine Valve Clearance, Engine Compression Pressure, Inspection Of Starter And Alternator, Engine Fuel Injection Timing, 2000 Hour Inspection & Maintenance Procedures, Engine Coolant Change, Removal And Installation Of Radiator, Change Hydraulic Oil, Hydraulic Tank Breather, Maintenance On Rollers And Idlers, Periodical Inspection Items, Dust Seals, Attachment, Bucket, Arm & Link Clearance, Reversing Bucket, Removing The Bucket, Installing The Bucket, Bucket Teeth And Side Cutters, Change Slewing Ring Grease Bath, Windshield Washer Reservoir, Fuses, Hydraulic Lines, Tubes And Hoses, Foam Seals, Machine Storage, Prepare Machine, Care During Storage, Removing Machine From Storage, Inspection Maintenance Check List…

  • Pages: 63
  • Size: 9.09 MB
  • Format: PDF (Adobe Reader)
  • Content: Manual of Maintenance of Kobelco SK210LC & SK250LC Hydraulic Excavators – Books


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  • John McAuley

    I have a Kobelco SH072 Grand beetle, and I cannot find an operators manual for it anywhere. I’m guessing it has been imported from China, and is sold in Europe as a SK72SR? Any info on this machine would be greatly appreciated… I need an operators manual as I cannot find the slew ring grease point on the machine! Thank you. John

  • Oo Saw

    Thanks !

  • ana perez

    Buenas tardes.

    Solicito Información Sobre Como Puedo Adquirir Una copia del Manual de Operación de la Kobelco SK 135, Serie YH04-03306.


  • ana perez

    Buenas tardes

    Solicito información sobre como puedo adquirir una copia del Manual de Operación de la Kobelco 135.


  • Edgar Castillo

    I would like to know if you have the electric manual, I have a problem and I need to document myself on the subject. good day.

  • sam

    I’m looking for hydraulic and electrical schematics for the Kobelco SK210LC-10 excavator, but I can’t find it. Can you send it to me?

  • John Mulrennan

    Required for maintenance

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