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Preface, General Safety Instructions, Laws, Guidelines, Accident Prevention Regulations, Warnings, Prohibitive Symbols, Protective Equipment, Environmental Protection, Fire Prevention, Additional Information, Correct Use And Application, Vehicle Description, Application, Description of Assemblies And Functions, Vehicle, Construction, Danger Zones, Safety Devices, Technical Data, Standard Configuration, Dimensions (All Dimensions In Mm), Allowed Angle of Rise And Slope, Permissible Approach Angle, Turning Circle, Weights F2500W (All Weights In T), Performance Data F2500w, Travel Drive, Traction Unit, Engine F2500W, Hydraulic System, Material Compartment (hopper), Material Transfer, Material Distribution, Screed Lifting Device, Electrical System, Permissible Temperature Ranges, Location of Instruction Labels And Identification Plates, Identification Label For The Paver Finisher, En Standards, Continuous Sound Pressure F2500W, Cummins QSB 67-C173, Operating Conditions During Measurement, Measuring Point Configuration, Transportation, Safety Regulations For Transportation, Transportation On Low-bed Trailers, Preparations, Driving Onto The Low-bed Trailer, Secure The Paver Finisher To The Low-bed Trailer, After Transportation, Protective Roof, Transportation, Preparations, Driving Mode, Loading By Crane, Towing, Safely Parking The Vehicle, Operation, Safety Regulations, Controls, Operating Panel, Remote Control, Operation, Operating Elements On The Paver Finisher, Control Elements On The Operator\’s Control Station, Protective Roof, Control Panel, Rigid, Operating Panel, Control Platform, Operating Panel, Moveable, Operating Panel, Swivelling, Control Platform Lock, Seat Console, Swivelling, Service Brake (“Foot Brake”), Fuse Box, Batteries, Main Battery Switch, Hopper Transport Safeguard, Screed Lock, Mechanical, Screed Lock, Hydraulic, Paving Thickness Indicator, Auger Lighting, Engine Compartment Lighting, Auger Height Adjustment Ratchet, Auger Height Indicators, Sensor Rod, Sensor Rod Extension, Manual Separator Fluid Spray, Separator Fluid Spraying System, Conveyor Limit Switches, PLC Version, Conveyor Limit Switches Conventional Version, Ultrasonic Auger Limit Switches Left And Right, Ultrasonic Auger Limit Switches (left And Right), Conventional Version, Pressure Control Valve For Screed, Charging, Relieving, Pressure Control Valve For Paving Stop With Relieving, Manometer For Screed Charging, Relieving, Central Lubrication System, Screed Eccentric Adjustment, Push Roller Crossbar, Adjustable, Storage Box, Fire Extinguisher, Rotary Beacon, Fuelling Pump, Power Moon, Operation, Preparing For Operation, Required Devices And Aids, Before Starting Work (in The Morning Or When Starting Paving), Check List For The Machine Operator, Starting The Paver Finisher, Before Starting The Paver Finisher, “normal” Starting, External Starting (starting Aid), After Starting, Observe Indicator Lamps, Engine Coolant Temperature Check, Battery Charge Indicator, Oil Pressure Indicator Lamp For The Diesel Engine, Preparation For Transportation, Driving And Stopping The Paver Finisher, Preparations For Paving, Separator Fluid, Screed Heater System, Direction Marks, Loading, Conveying Material, Starting For Paving, Checks During Paving, Paver Function, Quality of The Layer, Paving With “Screed Control At Paver Finisher Stop” And “screed Charging, Relieving”, General, Screed Charging/relieving, Screed Control With Paver Finisher Stop, In Paving Operation, (Screed Stop, Floating Stop, Floating Paving), Screed Control With Paver Finisher Stop – Floating Stop With Relief, Adjusting The Pressure, Set Pressure For Screed Charging Or Relieving, Setting Pressure For Screed Control With Paver Finisher Stop Floating Stop With Relief, Interrupting, Terminating Operation, During Breaks (EG The Material Supply Truck Is Late), During Longer Breaks, When Work Is Finished, Malfunctions, Error Code Query For Engine, Output of Numerical Code, Error Codes, Problems During Paving, Malfunctions On The Paver Finisher Or Screed, Set-up And Modification, Special Notes On Safety, Distribution Auger, Height Adjustment, Mechanical Height Adjustment of The Auger, Auger Extension, Mounting Extension Parts, Mounting The Material Shaft And Auger Extension, Mounting The Outer Auger Bearing, Mounting The Auger End Bearing, Auger Extension Chart, Auger Upgrading, Working Width 314m, Channel Plates, Offsetting The Screed, Levelling, Slope Controller, Mounting The Sensor Arm, Mounting The Grade Control System, Setting Up The Sensor Arm, Mounting The Big Ski Bracket On The Crossbeam, Mounting The Swivel Arms, Mounting The Center Element, Extending The Big Ski, Mounting The Sensor Bracket, Mounting And Aligning The Sensors, Mounting The Distributor Box, Connection Diagram, Limit Switch, Auger Limit Switches (left And Right), Mounting The Conventional Version, Screed, Electrical Connections, Maintenance, Notes Regarding Safety, Maintenance Review, Maintenance, Conveyor, Maintenance Intervals, Points of Maintenance, Chain Tension, Conveyor, Conveyor Drive, Drive Chains, Conveyor Deflectors Conveyor Plates, Maintenance, Auger Assembly, Maintenance Intervals, Points of Maintenance, Outer Auger Bearing, Auger Planetary Gear, Drive Chains of The Augers, Auger Box, Seals And Sealing Rings, Gearbox Bolts, Check Tightening, Mounting Screws, Outer Auger Bearing, Check Tightening, Auger Blade, Maintenance, Engine Assembly, Maintenance Intervals, Points of Maintenance, Engine Fuel Tank, Engine Lube Oil System, Engine Fuel System, Engine Air Filter, Engine Cooling System, Engine Drive Belt, Maintenance, Hydraulic System, Maintenance Intervals, Points of Maintenance, Hydraulic Oil Tank, Suction, Return Flow Hydraulic Filter, Bleeding The Filter, High-pressure Filter, Pump Distribution Gear, Bleeder, Hydraulic Hoses, Auxiliary Flow Filter, Maintenance, Travel Drive, Steering, Maintenance Intervals, Points of Maintenance, Planetary Gear, Drive Wheels, Air Pressure Table, Pressures For Equipment, Bandag On Michelin XHA, Pressures For Equipment, Michelin XGC, Techking ETGC, Lubrication Points, Steering, Maintenance, Electrical System, Maintenance Intervals, Points of Maintenance, Batteries, Electrical Fuses, Relays, Fuses In Terminal Box, Relays In Terminal Box, Relays In Operating Panel, Relays In The Engine Compartment, Maintenance, Lubricating Points, Maintenance Intervals, Points of Maintenance, Central Lubrication System, Bearing Points, F100 Tests, Stopping, Tests, Checks, Cleaning, Stopping, Maintenance Intervals, General Visual Inspection, Inspection By An Expert, Cleaning, Preserving The Paver Finisher, Shutdowns For Up To 6 Months, Shutdowns Lasting From 6 Months To 1 Year, Decommissioning The Machine, Lubricants And Operating Substances, Capacities, Lubricant Specifications, Engine, Cooling System, Hydraulic System, Pump Distribution Gear, Travel Drive Planetary Gear, Auger Drive Planetary Gear, Auger Box, Grease, Hydraulic Oil…

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  • Content: Manual of Operation and Maintenance of Dynapac F2500W Paver Finisher – Books


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