Manual: Hitachi ZX110/130LCN Excavators – Safety, Operation & Troubleshooting

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Free Download Technical Manual: Hitachi ZX110, ZX120, ZX130 & ZX130LCN Excavators – Safety & Operation in Full PDF.

Hitachi ZX110, ZX120, ZX130 & ZX130LCN Excavators Manual Download



Zaxis, 110, 120, 130, 130LCN, 125US, 135US, 135UR, Excavator, Service Manual, Technical Manual, Operational Principle, Workshop Manual, Introduction, Additional References, Operation Manual of the Engine, Manual Composition, Page Number, Safety Alert Symbol and Headline Notations, Units Used, Recognize Safety Information, Follow Safety Instructions, Prepare for Emergencies, Wear Protective Clothing, Protect Against Noise, Inspect Machine, General Precautions for Cab, Use Handholds and Steps, Adjust the Operator’s Seat, Fasten Your Seat Belt, Move and Operate Machine Safely, Operate Only From Operator’s Seat, Jump Starting, Keep Riders Off Machine, Provide Signals for Fobs Involving Multiple Numbers of Machines, Confirm Direction of Machine to be Driven, Drive Machine Safely, Avoid Injury From Rollaway Accidents, Avoid Injury From Back-over and Swing Accidents, Avoid Tipping, Fasten Your Seat Belt, Avoid Power Lines, Object Handling, Protect Against Flying Debris, Park Machine Safely, Handle Fluids Safely avoid Fires, Safety Transporting, Practice Safe Maintenance, Park the Machine on a Level Surface, Warn Others of Service Work, Support Machine Properly, Stay Clear of Moving Parts, Stay Clear of Moving Parts, Store Attachments Safely, Use Tools Properly, Prevent Burns, Replace Rubber Hoses Periodically, Avoid High-pressure Fluids, Prevent Fires, Evacuating in Case of Fire, Beware of Exhaust Fumes, Precautions for Welding and Grinding, Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines, Avoid Applying Heat to Lines Containing Flammable Fluids, Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating, Prevent Battery Explosions, Battery Gas can Explode, Service Air Conditioning System Safely, Handle Chemical Products Safely, Dispose of Waste Properly, Before Returning the Machine to the Customer, Section and Group Contents, Operational Performance Test, Operational Performance Tests, Purpose of Performance Tests, Kinds of Tests, Performance Standards, Precautions for Evaluation of Test Data, Definition of Performance Standard, Preparation for Performance Tests, The Machine, Test Area, Precautions, Make Precise Measurement, Zaxis110 Operational Performance Standard Table, Performance Test Designation, Track Revolution Speed, Travel Motor Leakage, Swing Speed, Swing Function Drift Check, Swing Bearing Play, Control Lever Operating Force, Control Lever Stroke, Solenoid Valve Set Pressure, Main Pump Flow Test, Swing Motor Drainage, Zaxis120, 130 and 130LCN Operational Performance Standard Table, Zaxis125us Operational Performance Standard Table, Main Pump Delivery Pressure, Boom Raise, Dig Function Drift Check, Axis135ur, Main Pump P-q Diagram, Injection Pump, Adjusting Point, Rack Position, Strokes, Zaxis120/130/130LCN/135US, Zaxis110 DR.ZX Monitor Indicating Values, Measured Value, Engine Speed Deviation, Boom Raise Pilot, Travel Motor Control Pressure, Zaxis120/130/130LCN DR.ZX Monitor Indicating Values, Target Engine Speed, Actual Engine Speed, Front Attachment, Zaxis125us DR.ZX Monitor Indicating Values, Target Engine Speed, Engine Speed Deviation, EC Angle, Boom Raise Pilot, EC Motor Position, Zaxis135us DR.ZX Monitor Indicating Values, Sensor Operational Range Table, Sensor, Operation, Specification, Pressure Sensor, EC Sensor, Engine Speed, Measurement, Engine Compression Pressure, Valve Clearance Adjustment, Top Mark, TDC Mark, Timing Gear Case, Crank Pulley, Nozzle Check, Injection Timing, Lubricant Consumption, Travel Speed, Track Revolution Speed, Mistrack Check, Travel Parking Function Check, Swing Speed, Swing Function Drift Check, Swing Motor Leakage, Maximum Swingable Slant Angle, Swing Bearing Play, Hydraulic Cylinder Cycle Time, Boom Cylinder, Arm Cylinder, Bucket Cylinder, Blade Cylinder, Dig Function Drift Check, Offset Cylinder, Extended Distance, Offset Cylinder Extension, Blade Bottom, Control Lever Operating Force, Control Lever Stroke, Bucket/cab Collision Prevention System, Combined Boom Raise/swing Function Check, Boom Raise and Arm Roll-in Combined Operation, Primary Pilot Pressure, Secondary Pilot Pressure, Solenoid Valve Set Pressure, Main Pump Delivery Pressure, Main Relief Valve Set Pressure, Relief Pressure, Overload Relief Valve Set Pressure, Main Pump Flow Rate Measurement, Converted Flow Rate, Pilot Characteristics, Regulator Adjustment, Pilot Pressure Characteristics, Swing Motor Drainage, Travel Motor Drainage, Assembly and Adjustment of Link for Arm Angle Sensor, Adjusting Method of Front Acceleration Speed and Deceleration Speed, Initial Setting of Angle Sensor, Initializing the Depth Limit Control System, Engine Speed Adjustment and Engine Learning, Engine Learning, Learning Switch, Governor Lever and Fuel Cut Lever Position, Governor Cable (from EC Motor), Governor Lever Position, Diagnosing Procedure, Built-in Diagnosing System Operation, Built-in Diagnosing Function Display List, DR.ZX Operation DR.ZX Fault Code List (mc), Fault Code List, DR.ZX Monitoring Item List (MC), DR.ZX Monitoring Item List, DR.ZX Service Mode (mc), Learning Data Display, Parameter Change, Monitor Display Change, EC Motor Stop Position, Boom Angle Sensor Correction Value, Changing Parameters in the Controller, Enter the New Value, Adjustment Data List, Main Component Layout, Bucket Cylinder, Arm Cylinder, Boom Cylinder, Center Joint, Swing Bearing, Fuel Tank, Pump Device, Travel Device, Signal Control Valve, Pilot Shut-off Valve, Zaxis125us, Zaxis135us, Zaxis135ur, Electrical System, Pump Device, Blade Control Valve, Components in Control Valve, Control Valve, Travel Motor, Bucket Regenerative Valve, Signal Control Valve Port Location, Pilot Valve Side, Control Valve Side, Troubleshooting a Procedure, Fault Code List, Abnormal Sensor Voltage, Abnormal Engine Control Dial Angle, Abnormal Swing Pilot Pressure, Abnormal Travel Pilot Pressure, Abnormal Oil Temperature, Troubleshooting B Procedure, Relationship Between Machine Trouble Symptoms and Related Parts, Torque Control Solenoid Valve, Function, Engine Learning Switch, Work Mode Switch, Bucket Flow Rate Control, Bucket Regenerative Valve, Boom Anti-drift Valve, Flow Combiner Valve Control Spool, Oil Temperature Sensor, Correlation Between Trouble Symptoms and Part Failures, Engine System Troubleshooting, Governor Lever Position, Fuel Cut Lever Position, Related Fault Code, Faulty HP Mode, Faulty Auto-idle System, Faulty e Mode, Faulty Auto-acceleration System, All Actuator System Troubleshooting, Front Attachment System Troubleshooting, Front Attachment Drifts Remarkably, Swing System Troubleshooting, Travel System Troubleshooting, Fast Travel Is Inoperable, Blade System Troubleshooting, Blade Drift Is Large, Other System Troubleshooting, Test Harness Application Circuit, Wiper Operating Range, Test Harness Connection Method, Wiper Is Inoperable, Malfunction of Air Conditioner, Change Displayed Fault Code, Present Trouble Diagnosing, Fan Mark, Air Conditioner Switch, Off Switch, Fresh Air Vent Switch, Cooling Circuit, Case Connection, Compressor, Abnormal Noise, Loose Screws, Exchange Inspection, Applicability of Exchange Inspection Method, Emergency Boom Lowering Procedure, Troubleshooting C, Malfunction of Coolant Temperature Gauge, Malfunction of Fuel Gauge, Faulty Fuel Sensor, Malfunction of Engine Oil Level Indicator, Coolant Level Switch, Malfunction of Alternator Indicator, Malfunction of Engine Oil Pressure Indicator, Malfunction of Overheat Indicator, Malfunction of Air Filter Restriction Indicator, Malfunction of Buzzer, Malfunction of LCD, Malfunction of Hour Meter, Malfunction of Hydraulic Oil Filter Indicator, Troubleshooting D Procedure (zaxis135ur Only), Fault Code List, Normal Calibration Value, Abnormal Boom Angle Sensor, Abnormal Offset Angle Sensor, Abnormal Slide Arm Sensor, Faulty Initial Setting of Boom Angle Sensor, Faulty Oil Temperature Sensor, Abnormal Sensor Power Source, Precautions for Inspection and Maintenance, Instructions for Disconnecting Connectors, Fuse Inspection, Fusible Link Inspection, Battery Voltage Check, How to Troubleshoot Alternator Malfunctions, Continuity Check, Voltage and Current Measurement, Voltage Circuit, Check by False Signal, Test Harness, Outline, Daily Report Data List, Frequency Distribution Data List, Trouble List, ICX Fault Code List, Service Manual Revision Request Form…

  • Pages: 447
  • Size: 3.40 MB
  • Format: PDF (Adobe Reader)
  • Content: Technical Manual for Hitachi ZX110, ZX120, ZX130 & ZX130LCN Hydraulic Excavators – Introduction, Safety, Operational Perfomance Test, Standard, Engine Test, Excavator Test, Component Test, Adjustment, Troubleshooting, Component Layout, Systems & Electrical System Inspection Manual


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