Technical Manual for John Deere 690E LC Excavator – Systems & Components

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Free Download Technical Manual: John Deere 690E LC Hydraulic Excavator – Repair of Systems & Components in Full PDF.

John Deere 690E LC Hydraulic Excavator Manual Download



Prevent Acid Burns, Handle Chemical Products Safely, Avoid Fires, Avoid High-pressure Fluids, Warn Others of Service Work, Support Machine Properly, Operate Only From Operator’s Seat, Park Machine Safely, Stay Clear of Moving Parts, Avoid Power Lines, Use Handholds and Steps, Keep Riders Off Machine, Move and Operate Machine Safely, Wear Protective Clothing, Protect Against Flying Debris, Protect Against Noise, Illuminate Work Area Safely, Service Machines Safely, Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating, Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines, Beware of Exhaust Fumes, Use Proper Lifting Equipment, Service Cooling System Safely, Dispose of Waste Properly, Work in a Clean Area, Use Tools Properly, Replace Safety Signs, Live With Safety, 690E LC Long Front Specifications, 690E LC and 690E LC Long Front Drain and Refill Capacities, Fuel Tank, Cooling System, Engine Lubrication, Including Filter, Hydraulic Tank, Swing Gear, Propel Gearbox, Unified Inch Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values, Metric Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values, Additional Metric Cap Screw Torque Values, Service Recommendations for O-ring Boss Fittings, Angle Fitting, Service Recommendations for Flared Connections, Straight or Tapered Threads, Sealing Surface, Split Flange, Pinched O-ring, Single Piece Flange, Service Recommendations for Metric Series Four Bolt Flange Fitting, Diesel Fuel, Storing Fuel, Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Conditioner, Fuel Tank, Diesel Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Propel Gearbox Oil, Track Roller, Front Idler, And Carrier Roller Oil, Track Adjuster, Working Tool Pivot, Swing Bearing, And Swing Bearing Gear Grease, Oil Filters, Lubricant Storage, Alternative and Synthetic Lubricants, Mixing of Lubricants, Service Equipment and Tools, Other Material, Specifications, Remove and Install Track Guide, Measure Lower Track Roller Wear, Remove and Install Lower Track Roller, Disassemble and Assemble Lower Track Roller, Support, Roller With Bushings, Test Lower Track Roller for Oil Leakage, Inspect Metal Face Seals, Measure Upper Track Roller Wear, Remove and Install Upper Track Roller, Disassemble and Assemble Upper Track Roller, Remove and Install Track Shoes, Measure Track Chain Link Wear, Measure Track Chain Bushing Wear, Measure Track Chain Pitch, Remove Track Chain, Install Track Chain, Disassemble and Assemble Track Chain, Measure and Adjust Track Sag, Remove and Install Sprocket, Measure Front Idler Wear, Remove and Install Front Idler, Disassemble Front Idler, Test Front Idler for Oil Leakage, Remove and Install Track Adjuster Cylinder and Recoil Spring, Disassemble and Assemble Recoil Spring, Disassemble and Assemble Track Adjuster Cylinder, Special or Essential Tools, Service Equipment and Tools, Towing Machine, Replace Propel Gearbox Brake Elements, Remove and Install Propel Gearbox and Brake, Disassemble Propel Gearbox, Inspect Metal Face Seals, Snap Ring, Metal Face Seal, First Planet Sun Gear, Install the Third Planet Gears, Install Third Planetary Carrier, Install Third Planet Sun Gear, Assemble Replacement Housing and Bearing Assembly, Remove and Install Propel Motor, Remove Cap Screws, Tighten Reservoir Filler Cap, Propel Motor Start-up Procedure, Crossover Relief Valve, Supply Shuttle Valve, Snap Ring, Cylinder Block, Speed Change Port Fitting, Drain Plug, Valve Plate, Dowel Pin, Rotating Group, Motor Housing, Inner Race, Put Cardboard, Swash Plate, Disassemble Valve Housing and Cover, Edge Filter and Orifice, Flushing Orifice, Propel Speed Change Orifice, Cylinder Block, Install Washer, Install Rotating Group Into Motor Housing, Install Oil Tubes, Remove and Install Counterbalance Valve, Disassemble and Assemble Counterbalance Valve, Remove and Install Supply Shuttle Valve, Backup Ring, Remove and Install Crossover Relief Valve, Remove and Install Shuttle Valve, Remove and Install Low Speed Selector Valve, Remove and Install Propel Hydraulic Lines, Remove and Install Rotary Manifold, Service Wrench, Cap Screw, Disassemble and Assemble Rotary Manifold, Rotary Manifold Air Test, Disassemble and Assemble Propel Speed Change Solenoid Valve, 6068 John Deere Engine, Use CTM8, 6068 John Deere Engine, CTM104, Special or Essential Tools, Service Equipment and Tools, Remove and Install Engine, Disconnect Wiring Harness, Disconnect Heater Hose, Remove and Install Oil Pan, Remove and Install Fuel Injection Nozzles, Clean Injection Nozzle Bores, Removing Db4 Fuel Injection Pump, Remove and Install Db4 Fuel Injection Pump, Jt07158 Time Track, Change Fuel Filter, Change Final Fuel Filter, Remove and Install Fuel Transfer Pump, Bleed Fuel System, Remove and Install Water Pump, Remove and Install Thermostat, Remove and Install Intake Manifold Tube, Remove and Install Exhaust Manifold, Remove and Install Turbocharger, Remove and Install Oil Cooler, Check and Adjust Engine Valve Lash, Remove and Install Starter, Cold Weather Starting Aids, Remove and Install Engine Coolant Heater, Remove and Install Fan, Guards, And Shroud, Remove and Install Radiator, Inspect Serpentine Belt, Remove and Install Speed Control Linkage, Adjust Engine Speed Control Linkage, Special or Essential Tools, Remove and Install Air Cleaner, Air Intake System Leakage Test, Remove and Install Muffler, Remove and Install Fuel Tank, Remove and Install Water Separator, Remove and Install Primary Fuel Filter, Replace Water Separator Filter Element, Disassemble and Assemble Primary Fuel Filter, Remove and Install Dampener Drive, Batteries, Support, And Cables, Handle Batteries Safely, Procedure for Testing Batteries, Checking Electrolyte Specific Gravity, Check Battery Electrolyte Level and Terminals, Using Booster Batteries, Charge Battery, Remove and Install Batteries, Adding 12-volt Battery Accessories, Alternators and Starting Motors, Remove and Install Alternator, Replacing Halogen Bulbs, Work Light Adjustment, Replacing Fuses, Fuse Specifications, Special or Essential Tools, Vehicle Electrical Component Identification, Cab Electrical Component Identification, Remove and Install Starter Switch, Remove and Install Radio, Remove and Install Monitor Buzzer and Air Conditioner Switch, Welding on Machine, Remove and Install System Controller, Remove and Install Monitor Controller, Replace Monitor Panel Bulbs, Remove and Install Monitor Panel, Remove and Install Hour Meter, Coolant Temperature and Fuel Level Gauges, Welding Repair of Major Structure, Remove and Install Counterweight, Connect Lubrication Line, Windowpane Dimensions, Remove and Install Seat, Disassemble and Assemble Seat Stand, Remove and Install Heater Core and Blower Motor Relay, Remove and Install Heater Control, Refrigerant, Check and Add Compressor Oil, Air Conditioning Gauge Set Installation Procedure, Refrigerant Recovery, Evacuate the System, Charge the System, Add Refrigerant to the System, Inspect Belt, Remove and Install Compressor, Volumetric Efficiency Test, Disassemble and Inspect Compressor, Clutch Pulley, Replace Shaft Seal Seat, Assemble Compressor, Leak Testing, Remove and Install Condenser, Remove and Install Evaporator, Remove and Install Low and High Pressure Switches, Remove and Install Propel Alarm, Excavator, Replace Welded Bucket Cutting Edges, Repair Cracked Cutting Edge, Lower Boom With Engine Stopped, Raise Boom With Engine Stopped, Swing Upper Structure With Engine Stopped, Hydraulic Oil Cleanup Procedure Using Portable Filter Caddy, Remove and Install Hydraulic Pump, Disassemble Hydraulic Pump, Assemble Hydraulic Pump, Disassemble and Assemble Load Sense Valve, Hydraulic Oil Filter Inspection Procedure, Remove and Install Pilot Shut-off Valve, Disassemble and Assemble Pilot Shut-off Valve, Pilot Shut-off Valve Linkage Adjustment, Remove and Install Dig Function Pilot Controller, Remove and Install Propel Pilot Controller, Disassemble and Assemble Propel Pilot Check Valve Block, Remove and Install Hydraulic Control Valve, Remove and Install Return Manifold, Remove and Install Combined Function Shuttle Valve, Disassemble and Assemble Arm Regenerative Valve, Remove and Install Swing Stop Cushion Valve, Disassemble and Assemble Swing Stop Cushion Valve, Remove and Install Dual Solenoid Block, Disassemble and Assemble Engine Speed Control Actuator, Hydraulic System, Remove and Install Arm Cylinder, Remove and Install Bucket Cylinder, Hydraulic Cylinder Bleed Procedure, Disassemble Bucket, Arm, And Boom Cylinders, Remove and Install Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Change Hydraulic Return Filter, Remove and Install Reservoir, Disassemble and Assemble Reservoir, Swing or Pivoting System, Disassemble and Assemble Swing Gearbox, Remove and Install Swing Bearing, Install Swing Bearing Lower Seal, Swing Motor Start-up Procedure, Disassemble and Assemble Swing Motor, Dealer Fabricated Tools, ST4920 Track Recoil Spring Disassembly and Assembly Tool, DFT1087 Track Recoil Spring Disassembly and Assembly Guard Tool, DFT1111 Spacer, DFT1110 Spacer, DFT1094 Bearing Pilot Tool, Dft1095 Planetary Gear Assembly Tool, DFT1096 Planetary Gear Shaft Removal Tool, Rotary Manifold Lifting Tool, DF1040 Pump Rotate Group Workbench Support, DF1052 Disk Holder Tool, JT38009 Guide Pin, DFT1089 Barrel Support, DFT1077 Spool Holding Fixture, DF1054 Swing Gearbox Nut Spanner Wrench, DFT1074 Swing Gearbox Pinion Holder Fixture…

  • Pages: 724
  • Size: 9.92 MB
  • Format: PDF (Adobe Reader)
  • Content: Technical Manual for John Deere 690E LC Hydraulic Excavator – Repair of the Systems & Components – Information, Safety, Specifications, Torque, Fuels, Lubricants, Tracks, Axles And Suspension Systems, Engine, Engine Auxiliary System, Dampener Drive (Flex Coupling), Electrical System, Frame Or Supporting Structure, Operator’s Station, Safety And Convenience, Bucket, Hydraulic System, Swing Or Pivoting System & Dealer Fabricated Tools Manual


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