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Free Download Manual: John Deere PowerTech 4.5L & 6.8L Diesel Engines – Repair, Diagnostics, Tools & Specs in Full PDF.

John Deere PowerTech 4.5L & 6.8L Diesel Engines Manual Download



Introduction, John Deere Dealers, 3/4 Right Rear View, 3/4 Right Front View, AfterCooler, Air Cleaner Operation, Air Filter Restriction Indicator Test, Air Heater, Air Intake and Exhaust System Theory of Operation, Air Intake Pipe, Air Intake System Check, Alternator, Altitude, Effects on Engine Performance, Auxiliary Drive, Balancer Shafts, Bushings and Journals, Measure, Bushings, Remove and Install, Bushing Id, Measure, End Play, Measure, Gears and Thrust Plates, Inspect, Gears, Remove and Install, Install and Time, Remove, Belt Tensioner, Check Spring Tension, Manual Tensioner, Adjust, Remove and Install, Blow-by, Check, Break-in, Engine, Guidelines, Perform Break-in, Break-in, Engine Oil, Camshaft, Bushing Bores, Measure, Bushing, Remove and Install, End Play, Measure, Followers and Bores, Measure, Followers, Inspect, Gear, Remove and Install, Inspect, Inspect and Measure, Install, Lobe Height, Measure, Remove, Thrust Plate Clearance, Measure, Camshaft Followers, Inspect Measure and Assemble Cold Start Advance Switch, Remove and Install, Connecting Rods Bearings, Inspect and Measure, Center-to-center Bores, Measure, Disassemble, General Information, Pin Bore, Clean and Inspect, Pistons and Rods, Assemble, Pistons and Rods, Install, Piston Pin Bushing, Install, Preliminary Checks, Remove, Rod and Cap, Inspect, Torque-turn Cap Screws Coolant, Disposal, Testing, Coolant Heater, Coolant in Oil or Oil in Coolant, Coolant Temperature Above Normal, Coolant Temperature Below Normal, Cooling System, Check, Coolant, Deaeration, Diagnostics Coolant in Oil or Oil in Coolant, Engine Coolant Temperature Above Normal, Engine Coolant Temperature Below Normal, Flush and Service, Pressure Test, Theory, Crankcase Pressure, Check, Cranking Speed Test, Endplay, Check, Failure Analysis, Flange, Clean and Inspect, Front Wear Sleeve and Oil Seal, Gear, Remove and Install, Grinding Guidelines, Grinding Specifications, Inspect, Install, Journals, Measure, Main and Thrust Bearing Inserts, Main Bearings, Check Clearance, Main Bearings, Remove, Main Bearing Caps, Measure, Main Bearing Id, Measure, Pulley, Install, Pulley, Remove, Rear Seal and Sleeve, Handling, Rear Seal and Sleeve, Remove, Remove, Remove and Install Timing Wheel, Replace Front Seal and Wear Sleeve, Thrust Journal and Bearing, Measure, Cylinder Block, Bores, Measure, Complete Disassembly, Inspect and Clean, Main Bearing Bore, Measure, Top Deck, Clean and Inspect, Top Deck, Measure Flatness, Cylinder Head, Cap Screws, Clean and Inspect, Cap Screws, Torque Turn, Check Flatness, Check for Head Gasket Failures, Final Assembly, Gasket Construction and Diagnostics, Gasket, Inspect and Repair, Inspect and Clean, Install, Preliminary Checks, Thickness, Measure, Cylinder Liners, Flange CounterBore Depth, Flange Thickness, Measure, Install Packing and O-rings, Preliminary Checks, Standout (height Above Block), Dealer Fabricated Tools, Coolant System Malfunctions, Coolant in Oil or Oil in Coolant, Engine Coolant Temperature Above, Lubrication System Malfunctions, Engine Oil Pressure High, Engine Oil Pressure Low, Excessive Oil Consumption, Diesel Engine Oil, Diesel Fuel, Dynamometer Test, Engine, Alternative and Synthetic Lubricants, Application Charts, Assembly Sequence, Break-in Guidelines, Break-in Oil, Break-in, Perform, Check for Excessive Tightness, Cleaning, Compression Pressure Test, Coolant Specifications, Coolant Testing, Cooling System Theory, Disassembly Sequence, General Operation, Lifting Procedure, Lubrication System Theory, Model Designation, Oil Consumption, Oil Pressure Check, Overhaul Guidelines, Repair Stand, Repair Stand Mounting, Repair Stand Safety, Sectional View, Serial Number Plate, Engine Oil, Diesel, Excessive Oil Consumption, Exhaust Leak Check, Exhaust Manifold, Inspect and Clean, Remove and Install, Exhaust Restriction Check, Fan Drive Assembly, Fan Drive Assembly, Remove and Install, Fan, Inspect and Install, Flywheel, Face Flatness, Check, Pilot Bearing Bore Concentricity, Pilot Bushing, Replace, Ring Gear, Replace, Flywheel Housing, Front Oil Seal and Wear Sleeve, Replace, Front Plate, Front Wear Sleeve and Oil Seal, Fuel Supply Pump Push Rod, Measure Rod Bore and Od, Grease, Head Gasket Failure Check, Idler Gear, Bushings, Install, Bushings, Remove, Bushing and Shaft, Measure, End Play, Measure, Lower, Install, Idler Shaft, Spring Pins, Install, Upper, Install, Inch Torque Values, Injection Nozzle Bores, Injection Pump Timing Mark, Transfer, Intake Air Leak Test, Intake Manifold Pressure, Measure, Intake Manifold Pressure, Intake Restriction Check, Lubricant, Alternative and Synthetic, Mixing, Lubrication System, Engine Oil Pressure High, Engine Oil Pressure Low, Excessive Oil Consumption, General Information, Theory, Lubricity of Diesel Fuel, Magnetic Pick-up, Remove and Install, Caps, Measure, Failure Analysis, Oil Clearance, Check, Manual Belt Tensioner, Mechanical Tachometer, Metric Torque Values, Oilcan and Coolcan, Oil Bypass Valve, Oil Consumption Excessive, Oil Cooler, Oil Dipstick Tube, Oil Dipstick Tube With Fitting, Oil Fill Tube, Oil Filter Base, Oil in Coolant or Coolant in Oil, Oil Pan, Install, Oil Pressure Check, Oil Pressure High, Oil Pressure Low, Oil Pressure Regulating Valve, Oil Pump, Assemble, Disassemble, Exploded View, Inspect and Measure Clearances, Install, Oil Pump Pick-up Tube, Other Materials, Air Intake and Exhaust System, Camshaft, Balancer Shaft and Timing Gear, Cooling System, Cylinder Block, Liners, Pistons, Cylinder Head and Valves, Lubrication System, Pilot Bearing Bore Concentricity, Pistons, Check Ring Groove Wear, Pins and Bushings, Inspect, Pistons and Rods, Assemble, Pistons and Rods, Install, Piston-to-liner Clearance, Measure, Piston Pin Bore, Measure, Piston Pin Bushings, Remove, Preliminary Checks, Rings, Install, Ring Grooves, Check Wear, Skirt, Measure, Pistons and Liner Sets, Replace, Piston Cooling Orifices, Radiator Cap, Pressure Test, Repair Stand Mounting Safety, Disassemble and Inspect, Rocker Arm Cover, Install, Sealant Application Guidelines, Magnetic Pick-up, Remove and Install, Serial Number Plate, Air Intake and Exhaust System, Camshaft, Balancer Shafts and Timing Gear Train, Cooling System, Crankshaft, Main Bearings, Cylinder Block, Pistons and Rods, Cylinder Head and Valves, Diagnostic, Engine, Dynamometer, General OEM Engine Specifications, Starting and Charging Systems, Turbocharger Boost Pressure, Starting and Charging System, Specifications, Starting Motor, Supplemental Coolant Additives, Thermostats, Opening Temperature Test, Timing Mark, Transfer, Timing Wheel, Remove and Install, Tools, Cylinder Block, Liners, Pistons, Cylinder Head and Valves, Dealer Fabricated, Lubrication System, Starting and Charging Systems, Torque Values, Adjust Wastegate Actuator, Axial Bearing End Play Test, Boost Pressure Specifications, Extending Life, Failure Analysis, Lubrication, Radial Bearing Clearance Test, Recommendations for Use, Seven Step Inspection, Theory of Operation, Wastegate Test, Valves, Clearance, Check and Adjust, Guides, Clean, Lift, Measure, Rotators, Inspect, Seats, Clean and Inspect, Seat Inserts, Install, Seat Inserts, Remove, Ventilator Outlet Hose, Vibration Damper, Warm Temperature Operation, Water Manifold, Thermostat Cover, Water Pump, Exploded View…

  • Pages: 513
  • Size: 6.98 MB
  • Format: PDF (Adobe Reader)
  • Content: Technical Manual for PowerTech 4.5L & 6.8L Diesel Engines – Information, Repair, Adjustments, Operation, Diagnostics, Tools, Other Materials & Specifications – Safety, Identification, Fuels, Lubricants, Coolants, Rebuild, Cylinders, Valves, Liners, Pistons, Rods, Bearings, Lubrication System, Cooling, Tests & OEM – John Deere Manual


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