Manual: Funk DF150 & DF250 Transmissions (Analog) – Info, Repair & Troubleshooting

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Free Download Manual for Funk DF150 & DF250 Transmissions (Analog) – Component, Repair & Troubleshooting in Full PDF.

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DF Series 150 and 250 Transmissions (Analog), Handle Fluids Safely, Prepare for Emergencies, Avoid High-Pressure Fluids, Support Machine Properly, Wear Protective Clothing, Service Machines Safely, Work in Ventilated Area, Work in Clean Area, Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating, Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines, Illuminate Work Area Safely, Use Proper Lifting Equipment, Practice Safe Maintenance, Use Proper Tools, Dispose of Waste Properly, Live with Safety, Park Machine Safely, Stay Clear of Rotating Drivelines, Identification and Serial Number Plates, Recommended Lubricants, Cold Weather Startup, Cold Weather Operation, Fill the Transmission with Oil, Check and Service Transmission Regularly, Intervals for Changing Transmission Oil and Filters, Oil Analysis, Oil Temperature Warning Signal, Towing the Vehicle, Put Transmission in Storage, Remove Transmission From Storage, Install Transmission to the Engine, Converter-To-Engine Flywheel Dimensions, Engine Flywheel Housing, Converter Drive Plate Group, Converter Pilot Sleeve, Engine Crank Shaft, Engine Flywheel, Converter Assembly, Housing Spacer (As Required), Flywheel End Stop, Flywheel Shoulder Stop, Pilot Sleeve End Stop, Pilot Sleeve Shoulder Stop, Engine to Torque Converter Specifications, Suggested Wrenching Torque for Tapered Pipe Thread, Service Recommendations for O-Ring Boss Fittings, Service Recommendations for Flat Face O-Ring Seal Fittings, Check Oil Lines and Fittings, Metric Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values, Unified Inch Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values, Use Proper Lifting Equipment, Transmission Lifting Procedure, Transmission Repair Stand, Mounting DF Series Transmission to Repair Stand, Torque Converter, Remove Torque Converter and Drive Plate Assembly, Disassemble and Assemble Drive Plate Group, Disassemble Drive Plate Group, Assemble Drive Plate Group, Disassemble and Assemble 12.75 Inch Torque Converter with Fixed Stator, Disassemble and Assemble 12.75 Inch Torque Converter with Free Stator, Remove Front Cover, Remove and Install Bearing in Front Cover, Remove Turbine Assembly, Remove Stator Assembly, Disassemble and Assemble Fixed Stator Assembly, Disassemble Fixed Stator Assembly, Stator Front and Back Side Identification, Assemble Converter Impeller and Hub, Install Suction Tube, Charge Pump Group, Remove Charge Pump Group, Disassemble and Assemble Charge Pump Group with Auxiliary Pump Drive Disconnect, Install Driven Gear and Bearing Assembly (Charge Pump), Install Charge Pump to Front Cover, Install Oil Seal and Ball Bearing, Install Idler Gears and Bearing Assemblies, Install Idler Shafts, Install Driven Gear Assembly (Auxiliary Pump Port Side), Install Magnetic Pickup, Remove and Install Wiring Harness, Remove Control Valve Group, Disassemble and Assemble Control Valve, Install Control Valve Group, Piping Diagram, Converter Driven Transmission, (Without Wet Brake), Remove and Install Dipstick Assembly, Remove Output yoke, Remove Internal Disconnect, Install Internal Disconnect, Disassemble and Assemble Ground Driven Pump, Disassemble Ground Driven Pump, Install Ground Driven Pump, Disassemble and Assemble Front Housing, Remove Front Housing, Remove Bore Sleeves, Install Bore Sleeves, Remove Lube Relief Valve, Install Bearing Cup, Install Oil Seal, Gear Ratio Group, Remove Output Group, Disassemble and Assemble Output Group, Disassemble Output Group with Internal Disconnect, Assemble Output Group with Internal Disconnect, Remove All Clutch Stage Assemblies, First Stage Shaft Assembly, Second Stage Clutch Assembly (DF150), Fourth Stage Clutch Assembly, Disassemble Clutch Stage Assembly, Assemble Clutch Stage Assembly, Position Snap Ring, Install new Outer Bearing, Sizing Seal Rings, Install Stage Assemblies Into Rear Housing, Arrange Stage Assemblies, Install Stage Assemblies, Install Output Group (No Disconnect) and Oil Trough, Install Output Group and Oil Trough, Install Two Cap Screws, Rear Housing Component Identification (DF250), Remove First Stage Cover Group, Install new Oil Seal, Install new O-Ring, Align Cover, Install Cap Screws, Install Lift Hanger, Keep Shims Together for Reassembly, Disassemble Bearing Retainer, Install Bearing Retainer (Preliminary Installation, Prior to Setting Bearing End Play Output Shaft), Setting End Play of Output Group, Disc Brake Group, Disassemble Disc Brake, Assemble Disc Brake, Special Tools, Clutch Stage Lifting Tool, Bore Sleeve Removal Tool, Assembly Stand Plate, Front Cover Lifting Tool, Suction Leak Test, Solenoid Valve Operation, Clutch Solenoid Voltage Requirements, DF Power Flow Forward Speeds, Troubleshoot Transmission System Malfunctions, Low Oil Pressure in All Gears, Filter or Filter Oil Lines Blow Out, Transmission Clutch Slippage, Transmission Overheating, Trouble Shooting Introduction, Transmission Control Unit, Theory of Operation, System Components, Engine Speed Magnetic Pickup Sensor, Cylinder Magnetic Pickup Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Inching Pedal, Proportional Valves, Component Functions, Mounting, Connector Pin-Outs, Matches Transmission Control, Clutch Calibration Four Forward Speeds and Four Reverse, Clutch Calibration Eight Forward Speeds and Four Reverse, System Requirements, Voltage, J1 Connector, Proportional Valves, System Errors, Analog Error Codes, Glossary, Abbreviations Used in TCU Group, TCU, PMW, MPU, GND, RPM, REV, FOR, NEU, TOC, ENG, CAN, POT…

  • Pages: 241
  • Size: 4.08 MB
  • Format: PDF (Adobe Reader)
  • Contenido: Manual for John Deere Equipment – Funk DF150 & DF250 Powershift Transmissions (Analog) – Safety, General Information, Components, Mounting, Torque Converter, Charge Pump, Front Cover, Specifications, Repair, Troubleshooting, Instructions & Tests – Information


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